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What Do Professional Organizers Do?

Professional Organizer’s do more than help you reduce clutter or clean your area, they are trained to understand and recognize patterns in your behavior that make keeping things organized difficult.

Hoarding is a term I hear often. While we all have tendencies to fill our lives with “stuff” to make ourselves feel good, we are not true hoarders which is a mental illness.

Collecting “stuff” comes in ranges from a little to a lot. Professional Organizer’s recognize right away when someone is a true hoarder by their behavior.

In addition, Professional Organizer’s do not “judge people” because they have not found and implemented systems that work for them, or they are too busy, or emotionally unavailable, or have other family members that are constantly undermining their efforts.

Professional Organizers are problem solver's

Reasons People Use a Professional Organizer - Is This You?

Your family has experienced a loss

· Family members are emotionally unavailable to deal with decision making and processing of household items

· inherited items and don’t know what to do with them, “overwhelm” and “confusion” has set in

Your household has a lack of workable systems

· can’t find items you own quickly or buy the same items over and over spending more money than necessary

· someone is a “collector”, but hasn’t put a system in place to manage

Behavioral plus workable systems are missing

· not everyone in the household understands the process or has the desire to keep things tidy

· too much stuff for the space has created clutter

· a physical or emotional issue keeps the homeowner from doing the work

Busy schedule - you don't have time

· just moved in and need help in getting things setup

· moving out and need help

· work long hours and have no personal time to put systems that work for you in place

· house needs to look and stay organized because you entertain

· you want to save time and put your energies into other projects

You Want to Treat Yourself

Your home is uncluttered, runs well but has a few areas that could use fine tuning. You’ve decided to treat yourself to a professional that can take your organization to the next level.

Shirley Fleet is a Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant and owner of KeepingThingsOrganized.com, in Baton Rouge, LA. 225-234-0001

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