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How Do Organizer's Charge

Most professional companies accept several forms of payment

Most professional organizers will charge you per hour for their time. However, some experts quote prices by the day or by the project.

It is hard for the professional organizer to quote a project without actually viewing the project in person.

Hourly rates are not always constant. If you are hiring a pro for a complex or specialty project, you might pay more per hour than you would for simple decluttering. In fact, the same expert may charge up to 20% more if the project requires additional planning or is more complicated to execute.

See the examples below:

Typical Job Category Hourly Rates Task Example

Home Organizer $48 - $60 Declutters and Systemizes

Life Organizer $50 - $130 Schedules and builds life skills

Computer Organizer $50 - $130 Organizes desktop and customizes

Office Organizer $50 - $90 Focuses on filing and desk spaces

Staging Home w'furniture $50 - $130 Prepares for a move in or out


Adding cleaning services to your organization project can add an additional $150 - $200 to your total cost as an upcharge.

Professional organizer's have specialized training in their profession, experience and may hold special certifications.

Those that offer office/computer services specialize in digital and physical filing systems and will pay special attention to how your desk spaces are arranged and organized. In addition, they may have special knowledge/experience in how businesses, departments are structured and understand how to implement project management systems.

If the budget is tight, you may ask your organizer to structure your project on your priority areas and work in phases (over time) as your budget permits.

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