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As professional organizers and productivity consultants, we understand that life can get messy. We help you get your home or workplace tastefully in order, we create logical systems to bring more balance, efficiency and ease into your everyday life. You work hard for all you own, finding what you own shouldn't be hard.

Keeping Things Organized is owned and operated by Shirley Fleet. Born in New Orleans, Shirley lived most of her adult life in New York City, where space is limited and living large means you are super organized.

Organization as a skill set has always played a significant role in her career choice.  After leaving 
Wall Street and moving South, Shirley decided to engage with professional organizer groups.  As a member of the Productive Environment Institute she learned specialized productivity techniques that help clients to be productive.   In addition, her project management experience in Corporate America helps to keep her jobs on track.

Shirley's love of organizing means she spends some of her leisure time researching better approaches that make living an organized life easy.  After all, who wants to waste their time looking for something, or spending money to buy the same thing you already own.

In today's world, managing it all means - efficiency counts!

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 at HOME

Kitchen, Closets, Pantries, Garage, Bathrooms, Craft Rooms and More...

An organized home is cost and time efficient. Having your home tastefully set-up where everything has a place to live. No more expired food goods, missing pieces or things you can't find. You simply know what you own and where it is.



Expert Service

Put your office space to work for you.  We put physical, digital or combination systems in place that make you efficient and productive.  We improve workflow, productivity and efficiency with better filing, retrieving, retention, and paper management sytems.

for your HOBBY AREA

Expert Service

We love to create simple organized hobby spaces. It means you have more time to create!

Neat Storage Boxes


Helping You Help Others

We believe in doing what we can to help those in need.  We will make sure your discarded items find a home to help others.

Shirley and her crew were well worth every penny. She literally created a craft room out of a small space that makes sense, I can find everything and lets me enjoy my projects. Thank you!

Kathi Dassenville

We hired Shirley to reorganize our closets and she did an amazing job. It's like I have a brand new wardrobe. We will be hiring her again when our new kitchen is finished.

Lianne Farbes

I can't begin to express my gratitude for Shirley's work in my home office. It's relieved me of so much anxiety to know exactly what supplies I have and where they are. I highly recommend Keeping Things Organized.

Pippa Jones


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